Ithaca Greece

Stathis and Nikos

Nikos and Stathis (Skoros) are well rooted Kioni locals,  Nikos was born in the house he still lives in and Stathis ns a hospital in Pireaus.  Nikos is the fastest waiter in Kioni all year round and Stathis is a man of all trades, he always a tool of some kind in his back pocket. These two brothers are loveable and genuinely happy people.  They love life.

Nikos drinks a lot of water and espressos at Spavento and makes great organic, local wine.  He's an avid Olympiakos soccer fan too.  His brother says that he  can predict the weather for 3 days and has never been wrong.

Stathis drinks Spavento out of water too, but takes his espresso without sugar.  His sweet tooth is satisfied by ice-cream.  He eats a lot of it.

Stathis and Nikos make up some of the colourful characters of Kioni.  If you see them, don't be afraid to talk to them, These natives are very friendly.