Ithaca Greece

Nionio The Sailor

Nionios friends say he's one of the nicest people in Kioni.  A genuine person with a good heart.

Nionio has been in the Merchant Navy for 10 years and he loves his work.  It enables him to do what he enjoys best, travel.  His favourite places to visit in the world are Mexico (maybe because he has a girlfriend there) and Peru, but his favourite place to live is in Kioni Ithaca.

He and Jenny Vlassopoulos are the only people in Kioni born in 1962 and that's a good enough reason for Nionio to drink at her bar every night to further bond with her and her husband Yiorgos.  It's known that Nionio is a hefty drinker (the happy kind) and party animal.  He enjoys nothing better than being around his friends, having a good time.