Panoyiotis Dorizas Perahori Ithaca Greece 2007
Panoyiotis Dorizas

Panoyiotis, or Pano as his friends call him, was born in Patras, but raised in the picturesque mountain village of Perahori, high up over the Capital of Ithaki, Vathy. After School he, like all other young Greek men, went to the Army and fulfilled his duty there. Pano returned to Ithaca and worked as a waiter, a job he had done since the age of 13 and new well. Once done with that, he once again relocated to Athens where he worked at Xeros as a technician, but life for him was difficult in Athens, something agreed to by many who live and work there, thus after 6 years, Pano returned to Ithaca to start his own business, a Cosmote SanyoCom Dealership in Vathy. Pano is happy to be back on the island, close to his friends and family, and hopes one day to start his own family on the island. Pano agrees that Ithaca, our Ithaki, is an island that captures all who come to its shores, an island adored by visitors as it is adored by him. Ithaca makes us what we are. On a lighter side, Panoyiotis also likes athletics and a great nightlife.

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