Ithaca Greece. The faces and stories of Local Ithacans on the Greek Ionian island of Ithaki.
Peter the Metaxa King  

  Peter is a Stavros local and the well renowned Metaxa King of the Northern island of Ithaki. He was born in Sydney, Australia and came here to live with his family in the mid 90's. One of the many Greek/Australians who have chosen to settle in the land of their ancestors. The cliche 'you can take the boy out of Australia, but you can't take the Australia out of the boy' is a true identifier for Peter. Many aussie characteristics are definably stamped upon him, but he loves ithaca and would not consideer living anywhere else for now. Since living here, he works as a waiter at Avra Restaurant in Kioni where he charms all the guests including Madonna on her visit to the island and has earned himself the reputation of excellence in his work. Go Poita!