Pippos Family in Vathy. Local Ithacans living on Ithaki. 2006
Yiorgos, Mary and Sofia Pippos
This lovely and charming family are Vathy locals. Yiorgos was born in Vathy. He was a Captain in the Navy, sailing big tankers around the world. He married Athens born Mary in February 1976 and before long, Mary sailed with her husband to the far corners of the world. They have 2 daughters together, Katerina and Sofia. Katerina lives in Athens and works as a translator and Sophia (pic left) studies languages in Italy. Yiorgos has strong family values that even his Navy carreer couldn't break. Each summer, whether the company liked it or not, Yiorgos would spend his time with his family enjoying the really important things in life. This family is not only dedicated to each other, but also to Ithaki, where they run an estate with vineyards and orhcards, caring for the natural environment of the island they all love.