Ithaca Greece 2003

Poppy Pagoulatos

Why leave a database design job with great money in London?  To buy a restaurant in Frikes. Simple.

Poppy lives in Stavros, but owns Rementzo in partnership with her boyfriend Nektarios and Makis.  She makes a great Curry in the winter for the locals who need a little spice in their lives.

Her father is from Patras and her mother is a South Melbourne born Ithacan.  Poppy left Australia and  came to Greece with her family when she was 12 and got herself a Degree in Economics in Athens.

After a full summer shift at Rementzo, she'll still party on at Bemenis in Frikes or Spavento in Kioni.  Poppy is battery charged for energy and morivation, happily unstoppable, but she cheats at Pictionary.
2005 Update - Poppy married her partner Nektarios in 2004 and they now have a baby girl, Ariadne. At Rementzo, they have bought out Partner Makis , and run the restaurant by themselves as of April 2005.