Ithaca  Greece

Ricky Church

Ricky was born in London in 1923, but says that he has always hated it there.  He has lived in many parts of the United States, spent time in Africa and countries all over Europe, but has decided to settle right here in Kioni on Ithaca the place he felt at home the moment he touched ground.

Ricky has always had a love affair with Greece, the country he preferred to holiday in.  His first trip was to Mr. Athos in 1951 and nothing has kept him from Greeces' shores since then. 

Mr. Church has many wonderful stories to tell through his life and careers from Scout Master to Charity Organizer to Artist  Management with many more roles in-between.  A great part of his life was spent with Actor John Stuart Anderson who sadly passed away recently, but who he continues to represent, taking his works to audiences not yet acquainted with this British talent of the stage.

Ricky Church admits he has been lucky to have met and known interesting people in his life, not just celebrities, but wonderful ordinary people whose lives have given him great insight into the core values we all share as people, regardless of culture or nationality.

Although Ricky Church has only been a Kioni local for 4 years, he has won the hearts of his community for the love he shares with it for Ithaca, and in particular the northern village of Kioni where he lives.