Ithaca greece.  The faces and stories of local Ithacans.  2004

Stamatis or Tom is English

Stamatis was born in the US to Greek parents, living and growing up in the Chicago area.  He came to live in Stavros after he finished High School, went to University on the Mainland and then back to the US for his Masters.  He's one of Ithakis' Primary School Teachers and works both at the Stavros and Vathy Primary Schools.  In Summer, he, like many other young Ithacans, works in one of the restaurants during the long School break.  Summer 2004, the Kioni Hotel was lucky enough to have an overqualified waiter serving their tables. The rest of the year it's the kids of Ithaki who benefit when he serves up lessons in his  warm and understanding style instead of pizza on a warm Summer night.