Ithaca Greece 2003


Once the Kamaki, now the renowned fisherman

Stathis, a Stavros local, was once the greatest Kamaki along with Nikos (Elvis) Douglas on all of Ithaca.  The literal meaning of Kamaki is 'Harpoon'. In the 70's and 80's he was never seen without a pretty foreign girl on his arm.  Over the past years however, Stathis has been making himself a nice home in Stavros where he tends his garden.  Nowdays he is a dedicated fisherman catching the best octopus, Calamari and other sea fare instead of the land-bound catch of the day. He has sailed to all the corners of the world, experienced an interesting life through the Navy, but yearned to settle on Ithaca where he feels completely at ease and at home. Vroom Vroom! Come to Pappa.