Ithaca greece.  The faces and stories of local Ithacans.  2004

Stavros' Primary School Teachers

The primary school kids in the northern island of Ithaki are lucky to have these smiling and enthusiastic teachers on their side.  Young, bright educators who care about what they do and how the children in their care progress towards their goals. Their passion in life is life itself.  There is no better moniker under which to rear Greeces' future generation of mothers and fathers. Dimitris and Pantelis are from the North of Greece and have been living and teaching on Ithaki for 3 years.  Dimitris lives in Stavros, and were his wife on the island with him, Dimitris would consider living on Ithaki, perfect. Pantelis lives in Vathy. He's not too keen on the quiet life of Ithaki, but admits that if he lived in the north instead of the south, he'd be happier.  Tonya is a Stavros local, born and bread, and if recess hadn't ended, I would have had time to ask Costa how he fits into this island of Ithaki.  Next time.