Lefki Ithaca - Susie Tasios Local of the island of Ithaki 2006
Susie Tasios
Susie Pugh - Tasios has had a history of almost 30 years with Ithaki. She is a well rooted Lefki local who sees her Lefki home as a place of healing and serenity, something she well requires with her busy professional life as a Producer in Film and Television. Susies' relationship with Ithaki started in 1976 while on the island for a holiday. She met her husband Zikos Tasios, a school teacher at the time, at the Frikes Panighiri and remembers he was very different in his approach to other 'kamakis' at that time. He simply said 'Hello, do you mind if I sit down and speak with you'. From that time on, Ithaki was in her blood. Back then Susie was a Director for the BBC, she returned to London after her Ithaki holiday and when faced with a job she wasn't too keen on, took up Zikos offer to come back to Ithaca. Susie loaded up her Renault, packed it with her books and things and took a year off to try life on Ithaca. She and Zikos started the first cinema club and Art Club on the island, which she utterly enjoyed. She remembers the years before tourism, and the challenges of fitting into a lifestyle unknown to her, with fondness. Over the years Susie and Zikos have built their Lefki home with love, in between pioneering and working in the very high
powered, high stressed world of film, with their own very successful production company in Athens. For all the projects Susie has been involved in, visit www.tasios.com One film I'm sure all of you would know is Captain Corellis Mandolin, for which Susie was associate producer, and the reason all those great scenic shots of Cephalonia with Ithaca in the distance, were used. Tasios have built up their Production company to be THE production company in Greece, servicing International films. Over the years, Susie has become one of the well known faces of Ithaki, and is equally at ease and intrigued by the old women of the village as she is with the film stars and 'movie makers' she deals with in her professional life. Her home in Lefki affords her the luxury of pottering around the garden, keeping a Diary and connecting with nature while she sits in a shaded area of her garden under a century old olive tree, looking towards Cephalonia as the sun sets on the Ionian just outside her door. Susie Tasios is a Lefki local who continues to be infected with the passion of Ithaki that she first experienced those many years ago, when a simple holiday to Ithaki, altered the path of her life forever.