Ithaca Greece

Thanasis and Evie

Thanasis and Evie are Pilikata locals.  Evie is orignially from Stavros and Thanasis is from Lahos where his parents still live.

This couple have many businesses on Ithaca.  Hardware/whitegoods retailers with shops in Vathy and Stavros  and also hoteliers.

Thanasis started out as an electrician, but has built himself quite an empire since the 80's with the help of his wife and his children.

Evie, his wife, must be the hardest working woman on all the island, she never takes a break. Even while she was bringing up her three children, Aphrodite, Yiorgos and Argyris, Evie helped her husband build up their business lives to great success.

When they can, Evie likes to tend the gardens of her house and Thanasis  relaxes at the Cafenion playing a few hands of cards with his friends.

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