Ithaca Greece 2003

Theofilos and Spirthoula

People like Theofilos and Spirithoula make Ithaca more interesting. Theofilos Apartments  
The first thing that needs to be said about Theofilos is that when he wears his glasses on his forehead, he's in a bad mood.  Watch out! That's not a pretty sight. The locals of Kioni have all experienced his roar, but luckily everyone knows he's just a big pussycat with a very loud purrrrrr.  It must be said however, that the unsuspecting should beware., occasionally  he bites. His wife, Spirithoula takes it all in her stride by going shopping.  She's a classy Vathinian who spends half her time at their house in Vathy  and the other half in Kioni where they also have a house.  They  have 'Rooms To Let' underneath for the masses that converge on Kioni during the summer months. Spirithoula likes to cook for her sons Yiorgos (Spavento Cafe Bar in Kioni) and Nikos (Mylos Creperie in Vathy). The writer of this isn't scared of Theofilos at all.  She thinks he's just a big kid acting like a naughty little boy

Monday 3rd July 2005, Theofilos Karantzis passed away in an Athens hospital after battling with a long illness. His funeral was on Tuesday July 4th in Raxi. Most of the island came to bid fairwell to their friend.