Ithaca greece.  The faces and stories of local Ithacans.  2005

Tzovenia The long road from  Exoghi to Ag. Sarantas

Tzovenia was born in Exoghi to the village priest, Papa Costa. Her story of love is famous around the northern parts, a love story that spanned 13 years of courting her late husband, Stratoyianni from Ag. Sarantas, a love story that entailed romance, not the slam, bam thank you ma'am she witnesses around her these days. Tzovenia recalls the 40's as a very romantic period on the island. The difficulties of a girl, not only from the top of the mountain, but also the daughter of the priest, falling in love with a boy from the valley, which in those days, was more than a stretch of bumpy road away, is quite a story for the grandchildren.