Ithaca Greece, Anoghi

Yiorgos and Maria Moraitis



Yiorgos Moraitis and his mother Maria are Anoghi locals.  Their roots are cemented in this small mountain village where they were born, and will live until their last days.  Yiorgos is one of the few locals who to this day employs the efforts of his donkey to carry grapes from the vineyard and olives from the grove.  In his prime he was what the Greek Sailors called a 'Marconi' due to his duties in the navy pertaining to Morse Code.  He still has a machine in his living room and is quite happy to let visitors hear it in action. With guests he enjoys a few glasses of Tsipouro, bottled back  in 1955, and preserved grapes from his vineyard, sweetened just the way Greeks like them.  Now days he admits that his job is as baby sitter to 97 year old mother.  Maria doesn't hear that well, but her eyesight in 20/20 and she still walks around the house on her own with a walking stick she uses more for security than for need.

Yiorgos and Maria are eager story tellers and generous hosts.  They welcome company, especially during the winter months, when it's rare to see anyone walking in the street.  They live simple lives without modern convenience, but without complaint.  They eat  good home-grown olives and grapes and drink their home-made wine, the tv works and as Yiorgos says, there is always something on the land to keep him busy no matter what time of year. Even to Ithacans themselves, Anoghi is a step back in time, a place where traditions and values go back to days of old.