Ithaca Greece

Yiorgos and Toula

Lahos is home to some of the most down to earth and stealthy locals on Ithaca. An aged community that seems to have discovered the fountain of youth in respect to their determination to maintain their energy and keep up their 'hard work' credo. Yiorgos and Toula Sopoula are two of these locals.

Toula regularly walks to Stavros to maintain her daughters house and is out there picking the olives every season without fail, and although Yiorgos is ill, he still does whatever he can to help his wife with all their chores while making time to sit and talk with his friends and neighbours, Nikos and Zaharate.

These two locals have great 'free range' eggs

Yiorogs Sopoulas sadly passed away Tuesday evening 27th July 2004, after many months of ill health.