Ithaca Greece


the Poet, writer and painter

It's easy to overlook Yiorgos Douglas (a distant descendant of a Scottish pirate who sailed to Lefkada, fell in love with a girl and then settled on Ithaca) if you see him in the street.  This Lahos local is so unassuming and retiring that it's hard to guess that he is a published poet and writer and a sought after lyricist.  His most recent work, Monaxia (Loneliness) recorded by the Greek singer Eleni Tsaligopoulou.

He's a deep thinker and philosopher on 'ordinary life that's stretched to the tear' and writes in various shades of black about love, death and future social anarchy.

He has a powerful and  eccentric manner about him that is hard to ignore when his thoughts drill into your psyche and make you wish you were as articulate as he about despair and loneliness, the superficiality of the world at large and the desperation of the lost souls.

For work Yiorgos paints houses.