Ithaca Greece Perahori
Maria an actor on the mountain
  Maria Kouyianou is an actress living in the village of Perahori in the southern Ithacan mountains. Her big passion is acting, and although opportunities for her craft are rare on the island, she can't see herself living anywhere else. Ithaca feeds her soul. Maria loves the serenity, the water and the peaceful life she has here. She is not made for cities. Her day job is as a secretary in the Unemployment Office in Vathy. There, she is also a member of Ithacas Forkis Theatre Group, which in March 2004 put on the production of The Four Legs Of The Table by Iakovos Kambanellis, in which she played the role of Aliki, and is currently rehearsing Dimitris Danis production of John Stuart Andersons The Card Castle for the April 2004 performance at the old olive press in Vathy.