Ithaca greece.  The faces and stories of local Ithacans.  2005

Nikos the Plumber

Nikos gets to see pretty much of Ithaki in his profession as one of the islands' Plumbers, but is local to the Southern mountain village of Perahori.  Nikos has lived on Ithaca since he was 9 years old when he came to the island with his parents in 1985 from Piraeus. During his stint in the army he spent 8 months in a riverbed in the north of Greece and the rest of the time, he had a good chance to look around his country Ellada.  He likes to think of his days in the army as a government paid holiday.  Nikos has a wicked sense of humour and isn't adverse to meeting an English girl or two or three or four... from whom he's learned to speak the English language extremely well.