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Nionios time you had a break

Nionios doesn't look tired, but he should be.  This local has had a busy and fulfilling life so far.  Nionio was born in Vathy and left the island in 1969 to join the Navy, where he was 2nd Officer for 6 years travelling the world and making travel his passion in life.  After the navy he went to Athens where he opened his first bar, Lotza.  It was during his time at this bar that Nionio became acquainted and friends with some of the best musical talent in Athens at the time.  He likes a challenge so one bar turned to 3.  First  Lotza then there was Lipstick and  then Romancero.

Like all Ithacans, something deep inside him called Nionio back to the island in 1989.  In Vathy he started the first roof-top bar at the Mentor Hotel, he also became a basic member of the Vathy Football team which he served for 17 years and if that wasn't enough, had a short stint as owner of a flower shop too. Phew!!!!!

Nionios now works as barman at the Omirikon Hotel in Vathy and dances to the Turkish entry at the last European Song Contest  "Every way that I can"  in-between serving up cocktails.  Someone should get him to put up his feet and serve him for a bit.