Ithaca greece.  The faces and stories of local Ithacans.  2005

Pagona Moussouri

Pagona was born in New York, USA and although she has over 8 years on Ithaca and a profound love for the island and Vathy town, where her parents were born, New York still runs in her blood. She has a Master in Business Administration and has taken Graduate courses in Shipping, Charter and Navigation. Pagona lives on Ithaki all year around and tends her Vathy garden with fruit trees and roses.  One of her great prides is the 100 year old Lotus Tree which bears the soft fruit of the Odyssey. It's a far cry from her 25 years as Secretary on the Board of Trustees at St. Michaels Home of the Aged in New York, next to the late Arch Bishop Iakovos. This wonderful lady has a love for life and an interest in the people of her community which is luckily, a trait that has followed her from New York to Vathy. Pagona has been around the world with her late husband who was a Sea Captain, but now happily resides on Ithaki.