Ithaca greece - The people of Ithaca, the Greek Island in the Ionian 2005
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Spyros Boya Ithakis' Notary
Spyros has been Ithacas' Notary for 13 years. That's a long time in one position. He was a lawyer for a couple of years, but admits that the work was not somehing he was attracted to. As Ithacas' Notary, he formalizes contracts, adds his stamp and gives people the security that what they have signed has legal recourse, should there be any need for it. Many property buyers have sat before him, cheque in hand, adding their signatures to contracts he authorizes. Spyros was born in Vathy, but his father has a history with the neighbouring island of Lefkada, thus the 'not so Ithacan surname'. He studied in Thessalonika, worked in Patras and then was drawn back to Ithaki, like so many professionals. Spyros takes pride in his work and in his island, he's a committed and upstanding Vathy local.