Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Who's Here 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Wed 13 July - Below - Virna is here from Milano in Italy, visiting her family and introducing them to her baby son Ioanni. Her husband Manuel will be joining her soon, but for now, Virna is making the most of her time on Ithaki enjoying motherhood for the first time and sharing it with her parents and sister Julia, who also recently had a baby girl. Virnas' thoughts about children, before she had the thought in her head, are in this years' Ithaki Calendar. She says the experience is better than she ever expected it to be.
Below - Sophia is an absent local. She stays in Athens most of the year studying Economics at University. In Summer she settles on the island through the holidays to help her family run their businesses, Elpinor Mini Mart and Mentor Cafe Bar.
Below - Vasiliki and Alkis, join Sophia for a holiday in Kioni, Ithaca. Vasiliki studies Economics and Alkis is studying Mechanical Engineering. They are here from Athens.
Thur 14 July - Right - Jerome and Poppy are back for the Summer. They look pretty relaxed already even though they have just been released from the Athens jungle where they work as English Tutors and have had the extra work load of being first time parents. Jeromes roots are in Exoghi and Poppys' in Stavros. Her parents run Ourania Apartments (Accommodation Co-Op) and have the best views across Stavros and Polis Beach. Poppy is also first cousin to Nektarios from Rementzo and shares her name with his wife.
Fri 15 July - Vagelis Germanos, Singer and guitarist is on the island for a special Summer performance in Kioni. The vagelis Germanos band was as its 'height in the 80's and his songs have buried themselves deep in the psyche of Greece.
Left - Sue and Mike are here from the UK, overseeing the building of their house in Kioni. Mike and Sue are two more faces from behind the emails received through hOME ithaca greece website. They saw the property in the hills over Kioni Bay on the site and seized the opportunity to build their Greek dream house. For now they are apologetic for all the noise of the excavation, but by next year, the noise will only be echoing in their memories. Welcome.
Above - L - R - Gabi, Anna, Angelika, Brigitte and Hilda are here from Wien. These Austrians have been coming to Ithaki for over a decade. We caught up with them after a meal at Mythos Restaurant in Kioni.
Above - L - R - Sandra, Yianni, Irini, Billy and Chrissi. Irini is here from Melbourne Australia spending her Summer with relatives. She is the granddaughter of Kimi the butcher in Stavros. Irini has plans to make Greece her permanent home in the near future.
Left - Who doesn't just act the princess, but also dresses as one? It's Cleopatra behind the bar at Spavento. She's back on Ithaki for the Summer during her study break.
Summer Lodown 2005
Who's here
Right - L - R - Yianni, Billy and recent arrival, but no stranger to the island, Adonis. The Agrabeli boys from Stavros, join forces in Kioni. Look out!
Sat 16 July - Below Alexandros Taflambas, Fimios organizer, and Director in the Greek National Theatre Company, Kotsis Megapanos, here for Last nights' performance of a Mid Summer Nights' Dream.
Faces of Summer
Sat 16 July - Friends Babbi and Meni give each other a little warmth as the sunsets over Frikes.
Sun 17 July - Below Left - L - R Juan, Juliette and Elena from Paris, Gai and Guili from Nice, and Isabelle. Juan and Isabelle live on their boat which sails into Frikes harbour often, bringing new faces with them each time.
Frikes was buzzing with whispers "Is it? Isn't It? Pos ti lene?" Greek television Actress, Theofania Papathoma was lurking around Frikes trying to be inconspicuous, but the locals pick up a famous face quickly in these parts. The actress was a little camera shy, preferring to be made up and dressed so she declined to be on the site. Good thing too, wouldn't like to mess up the site with a face without make-up. We do have a reputation here on hOME ithaca greece. Just kidding, she was very polite, so I left her to sit in the middle of Bemenis which the locals then looked upon as the Ampitheatre of Frikes, enthralled by her every move, before noting that better looking acrtresses have come to the island before her.


Below - Loula and George are here from Melbourne, Australia, and will be staying until September. Loula left Ag Sarantas when she was 22 years old and moved to Melbourne Australia, where she met her

Tue 19 July - Above - A big boat sails into Frikes harbour and has the locals trying to guess who could possibly be on it. Whoever it was, had a loud laugh and quite a few friends to party with on board. The boat gave a nice warm glow to the bay.
husband George Koutsouvelis, who has his roots in Lahos.

Left - Virna and baby son Ioanni are here from Italy, we caught up with them at Kosmimata Julia Gift Shop in Frikes where they are holding down the forte while sister and owner/Jeweller, Julia Andriantos, spends some time in Athens with her husband and daughter, Anastasia. Virnas husband, Manuel is still in Milano until he gets his holiday break, at which time he will join his wife and son on Ithaca. Virna is a Kollieri girl who married an Italian and moved to Italy, but comes back at regular interval to visit her mother Marina and her father Yianni.

Holiday Time

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