Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Sat 13 Aug - From snow in Leongatha, Australia to 38 C in Stavros, Ithaca, in the space of 2 days. Above - Helga Baum is on Ithaca and in Greece generally, for the first time in her life, but it didn't take long for her to adapt to the life style, sipping a cool drink in Kioni on the bay with views that have her beaming ear to ear with pleasure.
Above - US artist Paul Leibow is holidaying on the island with his family, wife Marietta, daughter Vasiliki and 2 year old son, Josif. It's been 4 years since their last trip to the island. Between swimming and enjoying Ithaki with his children, Paul still manages to paint. His paints go with him, even to the beach, where he is again inspired to translate his feelings through a stroke of a brush.
Left - Paul Leibow, Artist and Web Designer, on Ithaca for a holiday and a little inspiration. Click here or see Ithacan Artists to go to Pauls' website, where you can peruse his works of art online. He works with various mediums, including Water Colours, of which hOME ithaca greece is proud to have 2.
Mon 15 Aug - Right - Lorenzo, owner of Raxi House on top of Kioni has been here enjoying his stay on the island. He and his family come to Ithaki during the Summer to enjoy the views, the people and the company of their friends. Click here to see Raxi house.  
Kerry and Alexander have been hiding from the camera until they were tanned. Last year Alexanders' Melbourne winter skin, blinded the locals with its' translucent white glow.
Above - Sally and Mike only have a few more days before they leave Ithaca and head back to their lives in the UK. They have a lovely house in Lahos in which they spend their holidays, but the holidays are never long enough
Tue 17 Aug - Far Right - Kerry and Alexander are here from Australia. Alexanders grandmother, Helen Vlass, is an acitive member of the Ithacan Society in Melbourne. After Ithaca it's off around Europe for these two.
Sat 20 Aug - Left - Marie Raftopoulos is here from Brisbane, Australia. She's been on the island for the past 3 months enjoying the beach and the nightlife of Frike, from where her family roots stem.
Sun 21 Aug - Right - Peter F from Sydney and Peter D from Melbourne get together for a drink at Bemenis, once run by Peter D The Big P. Peter F, his wife and child, have joined his entire family here on holiday at Varka, staying in their family home on Ithaki. News is that Big P is getting married in November and will be coming back to Greece for his honeymoon, but
not to Ithaki. The Big P has years of reputation to live down before it's safe for him to bring his new bride to the island. So northern Ithaki bids farewell to it's aging stud and wishes him well in love and marriage for the future. Now Junior. Behave yourself!
Above and Right - Vanessa, her husband Tony, their daughters Francesca and Lucia, and father, Tom, are here staying at their family home at Parata. Vanessa and family have a long 3 months on the island before it's back to work, although on occasion her skills as a doctor have been consulted by family members on the island.
Mon 22 Aug - Above - Desi is back again this year strutting her stuff around Kioni...and working hard in the kitchens on the far side of the bay.
Tue 23 Aug - Above - Camilla and Peter are in Greece from the Uk and thought they'd have a look around Ithaki on a day trip.
Anastasia from South Africa would like to be on Ithaki, as most ofl her family are here this year.
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