Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Wed 24 Aug - Below - Yiorgos (L) has been coming to Ithaki for around 15 years, giving tourists a different view of yachting, which includes the live music he makes for them. He's here now with Documentary Director Akin (R) from Switzerland, who is making a video for Yiorgo. Yiorgos with his guitar strapped to his back and Akin, camera in hand, make their way around the northern island.
Thu 25 Aug - Above L - R - Chico, Yiorgos, Dimitris and Tolis. Chico and Dimitris are members of Palyrria who performed a fantastic concert in Kioni last night. Yiorgos Karantzis from Spavento Bar out did himself in the selection and organization of bringing Palyrria to Ithaki. Well known songwriter and performer, Tolis Fassois, who has written material for bands such as Pix Lax, and will be performing soon in Athens, came to see the band.
Above - Spiros the doctor is back in Kioni for the Summer, the place he spent his youth in the sun before becoming a practitioner and moving to Athens.
Sun 28 Aug - Above - Spyros Kouvaras is here to see his Ithacan family in Stavros, he's also putting in some hours clearing the grounds of his family home. When he's not in Stavros, Spyros lives in Athens where he works as an Editor.
Above - For Yianni, this is his first ever visit to Ithaca and says it will certainly not be his last. A wedding invitation brought him to Ithakis' shores and now that he's seen the island, he's fallen in love with it. Yianni is here from Athens where he works in the corporate world of Germanos.
Above - Magnus and Rebeka wanted to see the island of Ulysses so they ventured away from Lefkada, where they are holidaying, and came on a day trip to Ithaki. We found them enjoying the sun at the first Krouvoulia Beach outside Frikes. Magnus and Rebeka are all the way from Sweden.
Ok, now everyone is going to want to come to Ithaca.
Mon 29 AUG - Summer lodown - Who's here is thinning out. This week it's more a case of who's left as opposed to who's here. It's back to school, back to work, back to Oz, Italy and the UK, and ithaki is left to say goodbye to a great many visitors that have touched and befriended the Ithaki community during this, the 2005 Summer season.
Tue 30 Aug - Above - Harry and Patrick may compete for height, but when it comes to Ithaca, their love for the island has no competition.
Mon 5 Sep - Above - Here in heart and mind. Peter Razos son of Louis and Freda Razos of Ag. Ioannis introduces his daughter Olivia Eleni Razos to all his friends around the world. Peter did not have the opportunity to come to Ithaki this year, but let there be no doubt about it, Ithaca is his home, and so it will be for his newborn daughter Olivia. Ag. Ioannis is waiting for their return.
August is over, September is here and the Italians and the Greeks have returned to work and school and have left the island a little more quiet. Visitors who enjoy waking, writing, painting through their holidays, are starting to come back to the island to do just that, away from the mid summer rush which had filled the island with sun lovers and beach babies. Milder temps this month, bring back the temperate English.
Thu 8 Sep - Above - David and Marion are on Ithaca for the second time this year. They've come from Nottingham in the UK and they enjoy walking around the island. Seeing Ithaki by foot is the best way to get right into the corners of the island.
Sat 10 Sep - Left - A few months ago when Aki Vasilopoulos, photographer and head hunted ITer, came to Ithaki to visit with his family and to holiday, he was clean shaven, cropped and polished straight from silicon valley. Now on his last night on the island, it's revealed that this curly headed, blue eyed boy is heading back to the big bad world of bytes and binaries to top up the decimals after months of cycling and bumming around, just having a good time and taking photographs of Ithaki. He doesn't know exactly where he'll end up, but Aki is leaving the island and his friends in northern Ithaca will miss his dry wit and good company. Happy travels Aki!
Below - Michael and Reg are here from Cork in Ireland, sailing around the Ionian and enjoying Ithaca with their sailing partners and the locals who have taken a liking to them.
Left - Michelle, Alister and Andrew Brenton are here from Swansea, as Alister puts it, 'A little wet place in Wales'. This talented family are staying at Levendis at Aphales and love ithaca so much they want to settle here. Michelle has two poems published in hOME ithaca greece Poetry and writings, Alister plays organ and Piano and Andrew was once in Thrash band called TLF (Thrash like ...)
Right - Victoria and Jerry meet up on Ithaki after a 6 months separation. Before Jerry returns to Melbourne and Victoria heads back to London, they'll travel around a little to enjoy a holiday together
Sailing the Ionian
Above - Miriam and Ken enjoy a little after dinner drink at Rementzo in Frikes. They've sailed into Ithaki a couple of times and are here from Dublin.







Left - Katy and Martin O'Connor just love Ithaca. They're independent sailors who have chartered a boat and come to the island from Bristol in the UK. They believe the ionian has the most beautiful sea to sail around and that it's great for the novice sailor. As long as they can read a map, the rest is taken care of by the clear waters that direct you to where it's safe and where there is rock. When Katy and Martin speak, they reveal their awe of the beauty that surrounds us.
Ithaca Greece
Sun 11 Sep - Above - Paul and Sarah are here for 1 short week from Manchester in the Uk. We caught up with them at Spavento having a laugh and a little dance with new made friends.
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