Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Sun 11 Sep - Left - Yiorgo and Christina take a moment to get in a little employer/ employee affection in before Christina throws down her apron and heads back to London to go to University. Christina has been on Ithaki since May charming the locals and visitors alike with her unique style of waitressing. She admits that 5 months of Ithaca have added 3 years of maturity to her tender age of 19, and while at first, she couldn't wait to escape, now, with Sunday night her last shift at Spavento Bar, she's starting to feel some strong twinges of sadness about leaving on the early ferry Tuesday. Christina is an adopted daughter of Ithaki. We wish her a great future in the big wide world outside of Kioni and Lahos.
After Midnight in Kioni
Above - Geoff and Kate are staying in Kioni to enjoy a romantic 1 weeks' holiday away from Dorset, Uk.
Getting into the swing
Above - Evelina has been coming to Ithaki from Athens for around 20 years. She has no roots here, but just loves the island.
Mon 12 Sep - Left - Werner and Uli look very happy to be back on Ithaki. They have 2 weeks off and headed straight to the island where they have their boat, a family home and the friends that they have made over their years of coming to Ithaca. These Austrians who live in Vienna, put work to one side a few times a year to inject themselves with the Ithaki lifestyle they have both become very fond of. On arrival yesterday it was straight off the boat, luggage into the room and down to Frikes for a cold beer, or two or....and a Rementzo meze. No wonder they're smiling. Life's good.
The restaurants may be quieter, so may be the bars, there aren't as many scooters revving up the night, and quite noticeably, there are less half-naked people walking through the streets of Ithaki, but Summer isn't over. The Tour companies are fully booked and the Brits are getting into the Pink as they tan on the beaches around the island.
Above - Melanie, a newbie to Ithaki, and Peter, the 'sort of still a local' but not really anymore since moving back to Sydney for now...sort of. Melanie was introduced to the island and Peter, through some mutual friends who sailed in on a boat. The rest is history. Melanie returns to Sydney Australia today and in a couple of weeks, Peter will be reunited with her when he returns to Australia. Ah, Summer Love Ithaki style, strikes again.
Singing up a storm at Penelope Restaurant in Frikes
Tue 13 Sep - It's no surprise when music comes from Penelope Restaurant in Frikes where Stathi (or Steve to the yachties) dances and sings his patrons to their tables, but last night, Stathi took a back seat to the Athenians who patronized his restaurant with guitar in hand and a repertoire of all the great Greek tunes ready to go. Left - Konstantinos Patiris led his minstrels Nikos, Dora, Sofia, Niki, Xeni and Vivi, by accompanying them on guitar. It brought the quiet September night alive with the sound of music that gave tourists, who were dining at Penelope Restaurant and Symposium Restaurant near by, a real treat. Stathi put down his menu and joined them in song as they remembered the years.
Above - Stathi and Konstantino remembering years gone by through song. Right - No, not a tune from 'Saturday Night Fever', just an Oopa coming on.
Wed 14 Sep - Below middle - Steven Bothwell from Cafe 52 in Aberdeen is back on the island for the second time this year, this time with his mum, Dorothy and friends Ellis and Susan. Steven first visited Ithaca back in July, with his friends and staff at Cafe 52, Vicky, Chris and Colin, and quickly got into the mood and swing of things on the island, charming the pants off some of the locals with his Scottish wit and his outrageous personality. Steven is taking a whirlwind weeks' break from his restaurant in Scotland to introduce his mum to the island which he has taken into his heart, and to top up his tan before Winter in Aberdeen, fades it completely. Maybe we'll just keep him here, so he doesn't have to rush.
Above - Ellis and Susan take a trip with College friend, Steven, to Lahos Ithaki, which Ellis reports, is nice, but not as nice as Rhodes. He is just fresh off the boat so let's see how he feels at the end of his week on Ithaca.
Right - Steven Bothwell in the flesh. Owner of Cafe 52 - - promising a meal cooked by his own hands for his new friends on Ithaca.
Above - Dorothy Bothwell, famous mum
Above - Look! It's 'What's her name' and What's his name'. See what happens when you're away for too long? Wendy (the girlie) and Dave (the anti -Germaine Greer type of feminist advocator) are finally back after months of promising to show their faces on the island. It's been quite awhile now since these two bought a little cottage in the mountain village of Exoghi and promised to be locals. This time around, they are still just visiting, but their plans are to move to the island very soon. Sit up straight Dave, you're looking a bit 'girlie', or is that just blissed out from finally arriving back where you love to be.
Thu 15 Sep - Above - L - R - Gabriella, Ourania and Anastasia. Ourania is of course a Stavros local, but this week she has her friends, Gabriella from Parma Italy and Anastasia from Athens, visiting with her. The mild September nights are bringing alot of locals back out into the night before Autumn has everyone gathering nuts for the winter. These three girl friends make the most of their time together and enjoy a meal at Rementzo Restaurant on the bay in Frikes.
Ithaca Summer Lodown 2005
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