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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Mon 19 Sep - Below - Terry and Jinny are from Wales, but have bought themselves a little house with amazing views in Perahori. They are not recent arrivals by any means, they've been here since May working on their dream. As of this week however, they've decided they're stepping into holiday mode before it's back to work for the Welsh winter. Terry works for Chrysler/Mercedes in Wales after service in the UK for many years.
Tue 20 Sep - Right - Sharon and Adrian from the UK, back for the second time this year on a quick weeks' holiday in the northern village of Stavros. These two look so happy we wonder if they're not on a second honeymoon? They've been coming to Ithaki for 6 years, where the locals know them and love them, especially in Kioni, the village that started their love affair with the island. Adrian and Sharon get to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of their first date, on the island their hearts and minds have adopted as their own. Congratulations.
Who's Here
Above - Anna Paxinou, fantastic Dentist and daughter of the President of the Ithacan Society in Melbourne, Australia, Panos Paxinos, with her daughters Chri
Thu 22 Sep - Above - Sally and Richard are here from Hampshire for a week, visiting Richards' brother David and his wife Wendy, who are in the process of making a house into a home in Exoghi. Richard runs a car repair business and Sally is one of those clever IT people.
-stina and Georgia. Before their 2 and a half week stint on Ithaki, they traveled around Italy. They've been spending their time here at Parata where they share a family home and at Polis beach with good friend Lucky, the Umbrella man.
Sat 24 Sep - Above - It's a serious walking group that treks through the weather of yesterday. These Brits walked through rain, storm and hail from Frikes to Marmaka, through Aphales and back to Frikes, and each one returned with a big, satisfied smile. Before they headed back to Vathy, where this group is staying, they ate up big at Rementzo with walking guide Katrina, Left - Right - John and Maddy from Kent, Steve and Janet from Warrickshire, Richard and Phillipa from Gloucester and finally Katrina, who says on the walk they witnessed the biggest and best rainbow she had ever seen.
Above - Mel and Paul from Wales, with Vasilis the waiter doing a good job behind them. Paul and Mel are really seeing the island this time, getting in some walking, some sight seeing and having fun with their Ithacan friends, who they have met over the years they have been sailing into the bays of Ithaca. They're here for around 2 1/2 weeks and are the proud owners of a hardware modem which they will kindly send on to me when they return to Wales. Aah. All they want in return is a cd of Greek music and songs, which will be lovingly compiled for them.
Above - Kevin and Maggie are here from Worcester, UK and have fallen in love with Ithaca during their stay. We look forward to seeing them again next year.
Mon 26 Sep - Left Lee, Spiro and Euri, their puppy, are here just for the weekend. Where better to go when escaping the stresses of Athens. Spiros and Lee were married in January this year after a life long relationship through school to adulthood. They have a family house in the hills of Kioni and are thinking of settling there one day in the future. Spiros is an architect and Lee an interior designer and are kept more than busy in the expanding city of Athens. They'll be back on Ithaki in another 2 weeks for a real break, meanwhile they're just breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out. Aah. That's better. Relaxing in the north of the island.
Britta (front far right) and Marlene (2nd from back left) are guides of another kind on the island of Ithaki. They give people with disabilities a chance to see Ithaki on their own terms. They take them walking, sightseeing, on boating trips and trips around the island. Jorg, Ali, Marco, Anke, Stefan, Gabi and Sabine are no strangers to Ithaki. Most are here for the second time and others are already on their third trip to the island. These Germans find something good in everything they see and have alot of fun. It's taken 2 years for each to save up enough money for another Ithaca holiday. With their limited earning capacity, it's taken alot of commitment to achieve this, so there's no wasting energy on complaints. Just time for a great holiday. In Germany, they live in group homes of varying independence and are an energetic lot who don't want to miss a precious moment. They're staying at Dimitri Maroudas rooms in Vathy which they admit are great. The owners are cooperative and helpful in all the requests made by their guests, and are friendly and welcoming, always ready to please. Britta says that this is very important for her guests, as being in a strange environment can be confusing enough without the stress of a stern landlord. At night they head to La La's Bar for some Ithaki nightlife where there too, they are made to feel very welcome by all
the staff. This happy group is here on Ithaki for 2 weeks, so let them eat cake...and believe me. They love their cake. We caught up with them at Platrithia drinking coffee and enjoying the Gefyri cheesecake. If you would like any details on holidays for the disabled please send them to and they will be passed on to Britta who has lived and worked on Ithaki for many years. She speaks German, English and Greek.
Thu 29 Sep - Below - Northern Ithakis favourite Schweitzer is back on the island. Last time Sonja was here, she broke her arm falling down a slope. She's here for
Tue 27 Sep - Left - Melbourne taxi driver, Nik is here from Australia visiting his old friend Denis Sikiotis in Stavros, who wasted no time in enlisting Niks' help in cleaning up Ithaki. The two took to the road from Stavros down to Polis and cleaned up the mess that a busy Summer had left. Now isn't that a nice thing to do on your holiday? Thank Nik!
Wed 28 Sep - Right - Peter Rabbit, George, the all around nice guy and Con the other nice
guy, heading back to Sydney, Australia on the early morning ferry yesterday. (Note the beverages) These 3 said a big and long goodbye to Ithaki til the early hours of the morning, after their 5 month stay on the island. They almost didn't make it.. We wish them well and hope Peters' tight, short and clingy orange bathing outfit CLIck HERE, serves him well in the land of the big sandy beaches, as he purports it did on Ithakis shores. George? who knows about George. He may put out a cd of Fatouros Greatest Hits, The grapevine has it he has a golden voice, and Con, you know you're cool mate! now take off the sunnies and have another beer. Kalo taxidi!
around 3 weeks to catch up on what she missed. We caught up with her in Platrithia, dressed for the cooler nights in her woollies and snapped before she could smile. Not pouting, just speaking.
Above - Christina has been on Ithaki since July. She's from the Kouvaras family of Stavros, her mothers' village on the island. It's been a busy Summer for Christina, working at Ovelistirio Spit Roast
Only a few days left before Summer Lodown, Who's Here, comes to the end for another year. Thank you to all the people who participated. It's been great meeting you and we hope to see you again on Ithaki in the future. Feel free to write to the site with your experiences of the island. The visitors letters can give some insight to those contemplating a holiday on Ithaca and can make the community that looks after tourists on the island, aware of the needs and thoughts of those they wish to serve. Remember Summer Lodown is kept online for you to enjoy and revisit any time.
Below Far Left - Birthday celebrations for a Swiss group here on Ithaca for a couple of weeks. Left to right - Katrin, the birthday girl, Katerin, Caro, Katerini, Sonja and canine, Milo, have cake and a few laughs to finish off Katrins Ithacan birthday. These lovely girls brighten up the northern villages with their beaming smiles. Guess they're happy to be on Ithaca.
Fri 30 Sep - This happy sailing group from Slovenia sang up a 4 hour long storm last night at Symposium Restaurant in Frikes, We wish them smooth sailing. They'll need it after the booze up.
This Flotilla crew (left) says thanks and goodbye to Ithaki for another season, and hOME ithaca greece says goodbye to this years' Who's here on Summer Lodown, with just some of the faces that visited the island during May, June, July, August and September 2005. Thank you to all for your participation. For life on Ithaca during October to the end of April please visit Winter on Ithaca
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