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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Mon 2 May - To say that the Easter period has been busy is an understatement. The first tour groups are in and there are bus tours coming through every five minutes just to keep everyone on their toes.
Above - L - R - Clare, Ernie, Barbara, Margaret and John. They're here from Manchester and Cornwall, UK. Tales of Ulysses have them here for a closer look at the island which holds his myth. We caught up with them at Symposium Restaurant in Frikes.
Above - 4 members of the Buckinghamshire Art Society, UK. The 8 member group is here painting its' way around the island. This very happy and friendly foursome were painting views of Frikes bay when I caught up with them for a pic. They are staying at Hotel Nostos.
Above - George is back to his family home in Frikes for Easter. He wrote the website a lovely letter printed in the Visitors section. You'll find his mother, Zoe and his father, Yianni in the Frikes locals.
The great weather is bringing a great many buses through the villages. This one decided to park in the middle of the road while it waited for it's passengers to finish eating at Penelope Restaurant in Frikes. Meanwhile Symposium waitresses had to do the round trip to serve their patrons as the bus parked right infront of their waterfront tables. Move along. Move along.
Sat 7 May - Greek Photographer Tassos Fretos is in Vathy for a Fashion shoot. Wonder where all the boys on the island will be today.
Dutch artist, Wout De Graeff is also on the island, rumored to be staying in Lefki. He paid a visit to Chez Manu, Asian Restaurant in Vathy, leaving one of his paintings for owner Emmanuel. It is now taking a proud spot amongst Christos Raftopoulos' photographs from his 'The Children of Ulysses' Book.
May on Ithaki is the time for Walkers, Artists and the English on the island. Enjoying Ithaca in full bloom (and unfortunately today, awash with rain). A beautiful time missed by the sun worshippers of the Summer.
Sat 7th May - No this is not a Winter on Ithaca pic, but taken today after the temps dropped with heavy winds hitting the island. In Stavros, Yiannis put up the plastics to make his guests more comfortable. A bit of wind didn't stop this group from enjoying the outdoors. Afterall, they came prepared with scarves and coats.
Right - David and Angela Wild are on Ithaki from Essex, UK, and staying two weeks. Their holiday requirements were a small island and a peaceful time. They're not disappointed.
David and Angela in Frikes
9 years ago Tim (American) and Inge (Danish) shared an Athens taxi with a German couple who had a house on Ithaki. It came to be they house swapped, and while here, of course drank from the water at Kalamos which destines all to return to the island. Thus began their love affair with Ithaki. Tim is in Water Resource/ Environmental Consulting and Inge is an Interior Designer. They are here from Colorado, USA. 4 years ago Tim and Inge bought a little cottage in the back of Vathy, which they have restored, and stay on the island around 3 months of the year. They love to walk and be amongst nature, which of course they enjoy in Colorado, but the big drawing card for them is the sea, and that's what they love about Ithaki, mountains, nature and the sea with all its' great views.
Sun 8th May - The winds were howling through the day and into the night. Ionian Holiday Group coming into Polis Bay on a small boat last night may have had a trip to remember.
Above - Lilia from the Netherlands and Rep for Ross Holidays', celebrates her birthday with friends at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes
Sun 9 May - The Fitzgeralds are back at Kravoulia, we caught up with them at Symposium Restaurant in Frikes, having a chat with Meropi.
Wed 11 May - Left - Els and Wout are here from the Netherlands (Wout is the Dutch artist who paid a visit to Chez Manu and left them a presie). They're enjoying a couple of weeks on Ithaki while visiting their long time friends who live in Lefki. We caught up with them at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes.
Fri 13 May - Right - Mike is here for a week from his hectic life in the UK, working on his Ithaki passion, Rhiannon Cottage in Lahos. A week is never long enough to do all the things he loves, let alone the work he needs to do.
Sun 15 May - L - R Werner, Uli, Gerta and Gerhart. These Austrians are residential locals. they don't live on the island full time, but have a house in Kollieri, where this family loves to spend all the spare time they have. Gerta and Gerhart are here for 3 months, while daughter Uli and husband Werner manage only a month this time round. Welcome back
Mon 16 May - Brandon and Dimitri are here from S. Africa. They both have their roots in Stavros, but we caught up with them in Vathy. Monday mornings, most of the northern island is down south, looking after business...or shopping...or just sitting around a Cafe with Cafe Fredo
Wed 18 May - Above - Aki Vasilopoulos is here visiting his parents, family and friends in Stavros. He's tried living in SA, US, and UK, now toying with the idea of GR unless IT drags him away for some good $s. Aki may be a little hard pushed to lose his wunderlust.
Fri 20 May - Above - Christina is a Cypriot/English girl here, getting her business feet wet, working for one of the Tour Groups on the island. At night she's moonlighting as waitress at Spavento Bar in Kioni.
21 May - Hronia Polla
Above - George Fatouros is here with his entire family from Sydney, Australia. He has come to Ithaca and is staying in Stavros, where his family have their second home. His zest for a good, loud time was halted a little after a car accident just before he was due to come to Greece. To help with the pain, he gets a little medicine from the bars around the island.
Sat 21 May - Hronia Polla to all the Elenis and Costas
Left - Gypsies set up house in the olive groves around Frikes. Above - Stavros (left) and sidekick are here from Kephalonia doing some work in Kioni, but eating up big at Paliocaravo in Vathy.
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Have at look around Rhiannon Cottage in Lahos, named after Mikes daughter