Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Mon 23 May - Hello to Doug and Mary from the Midlands, Uk. They're here for 2 weeks, staying in the northern village of Lahos. Last year they travelled with a Tour Group, this year they thought they'd have a go at the independent way. Got what they needed from this site. I get to see the faces behind the letters. Nice.
Above Left - Right. Carol from Sth Oxfordshire, Uk, and Jennie from Tuscany, Italy, are here with a painting group, capturing colour and light with pencil and water color . They really will be painting the town during their 2 week stay on Ithaki.
Tue 24 May - Above - Janet and Nick Finlay came sailing in to Frikes with Minotaur. They come to Ithaki from Nottinghamshire, UK, and will grace these shores for a week. They spent some quality time with a cool drink at Symposium while the power was off... and guess what. Robin Hood is indeed dead. It's confirmed.
Wed 25 May - Above - Some stormy weather brings the yachts into Ithaca for shelter, shower and food. After a hot and muggy day, the temp dropped rapidly after a thundery shower, which seemed to clear quickly, leaving the bays calm and glistening under a purple haze as the sun set on the Ionian.
Fri 27 May - Below left is Simply Rep/Manager / all round lovable English person, Paul. This year he's running between Kefalonia and Ithaki, trying to fix the problems of the increasingly problematic world of trave... or is that just a big Wednesday hangover. Below right - Kate is also a Rep for one of the Tour Co's. she's been Greek Islanding for years and after just 1 season on the island, is already loved and respected by all who deal with her. We may see Kate in the Locals section soon.
Fri 27 May - Below - Panoyiotis and Eleni are on Ithaca for a few days to see their friend Brandon, with whom Panoyiotis did his Greek Army service with. They are here from Athens, enjoying the easy life and sights of the island before they head back to the rush of the city. We wish them a nice peaceful time and a few good nights out with Brandon, the party man?
Days in the sun
Sat 28 May - Left -Terry and Olive from Dover UK have been back to Ithaca for the 4th time. A lovely present from Terry to Olive for her birthday. They just love Ithaca and the people they have met here. Since last here, they have been to the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen and have both been too busy for words, with work and doing up their home. This 1 weeks' holiday on Ithaki was a good chance for them to catch their breath until their next visit in September, when their daughter
Above - Brian and Moira are also veteran visitors of Ithaki. here from the UK. We got this pic at Spavento in Kioni. Drink up. It's time for another round of Ouzo.
joins them to see just what it is that has her parents running off to Ithaca every chance they get, like they're off on another honeymoon. Olive retires next year, but with her lust for life, her retirement may just give her more time to come to Ithaca and for adventure. She's been up in a helicopter, a 4 seater plane and a Glider. We wait with baited breath to hear what other adventures she'll have between now and September. We wish them a safe return.
Left - Billy and Lea Vasilopoulos. If that name sounds familiar, it probably is. This is Nectarios' (Rementzo) Uncle Bill and his wife from Australia. They're here with their 7 year old daughter, visiting family. This family makes regular visits to Ithaki and are here this year for a 3 week break. We caught up with them at Rementzo. What better way to spend a rainy night than with your nephew, good food and a bottle of wine.
Sun 29 May - Right - Niko used to be a Lahos local until he decided to move to Australia 3 years ago. He's on Ithaki visiting his parents and relatives before he returns to Melbourne again where he has a fruit stand in Burke Street.
Above L - R - Vicky, Archaeologist, local girl, Viki from Polyctor Tours and Mylos Creperie and Christina and Kate from Greek Islands Club. What do you do when it all gets too much? Have a girls' night out of course...and eat crepes, lots of chocolate, lots of cheese all the things that make you diet the next day.
Mon 30 May - Above - Dave and Jacinta are here from Essex Uk for 2 weeks., staying in Frikes where they enjoy the pool at Aristotelis apartments and the ouzo at Rementzo. Like Dave says - what's Greece without Ouzo. He's right. Summer evenings and ouzo go well together.
Below L - R - Poppy from Rementzo greets Jan, who's back after 3 years, sailing around the Ionian. Jan and her husband are from the Lakes district in the Uk.
Tue 31 May - Above Right - The A Team of Sailing Holidays sail into Frikes on the Christina. L - R - James from Auckland NZ, Rachel from the UK and Anne also from Auckland.
Right - Judith and Neville are on Ithaki for the 4th time. Guess they really like it. They're here from Yorkshire in the UK soaking up the early evening atmosphere before dining at Symposium in Frikes.
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