Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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It's June already?
Wed 1 June - Below - Pam and Alan Davis are on Ithaki from Manchester, UK. These two just love the island. We caught up with them at Drosia Restaurant, an oasis above Vathy. If there's a secret to be discovered, like Drosia, then I think Pam and Alan will discover it. They look behind the tourist mask to discover the real Greece which they have both fallen in love with. Inspiring enthusiasm.
Below - Niko is a vathy local, just one of the faces behind alpha bike and car hire, but is now landing after a long stay in South Africa. A special lubricant makes for an smooth touch down.
Thur 2 June - Lucky, Umbrella man at Polis Beach and Big Wednesdays' inventor, is back on Ithaki. All the kiddies are gelling up their hair and heading to Bemenis ready to follow their leader.
Below - Jillian is here from Sheffield in the Uk, now retired and ready to let her hair down. Jillian stays on Ithaca until the weather gets cold, then she heads back to the UK, where it's warmer?
Below - Mike and Trish are avid hOMe ithaca greecers and it's good to finally meet them. They've bought a little place in Kioni after falling in love with Ithaca and are now happily fixing it up to be their island getaway. These 2 look like they're on a perpetual honeymoon, but you didn't hear that from me ok?
Give me a double
Fri 3 June - Left - Fran and Jeffrey are back in Kioni, and before anyone can tap them on the shoulder to order a drink, they qiuckly head off to the beach to refresh their tans. Jeff, for those who have been logging on over the past couple of years, is Spavento Demetris' double and was often mistaken for the waiter while he was trying to have a holiday here. Personally I think Jeffrey is better looking than the now aging Demetri, so he shouldn't have anymore problems in that regard.
Left - Ros and Billy Coleman and Les and Jackie Bebbage are here from the small village of Murton in County Durham, UK. they're staying in Vathy, but are making their way up north to see the rest of the island. So far they love Ithaki and are sure to be back. After 30 years of travelling to Greece, I think this foursome recognise a treasure when they find it. We wish them continuing relaxation and lots of good views.
Just when the predictions are for a quiet month...
Sat 4 June - Above - Nikki and Joss. They are here from London, UK and it's their first time to Ithaki. They're experiencing their holiday from a village point of view, staying in Lahos, and have become quite attached to their surroundings and nightly haunts just after 1 week on the island, that they couldn't wait to get back to Frikes after a journey down to Vathy. Nikki is a landscape designer and Joss (Elvina) a Kitchen designer. They are great fun, but on the run again Sunday. Come back any time.
Left - Janet and Roger are on a whirlwind tour from Cambridge, UK. They're staying in Kefalonia, but are on Ithaca to visit good friends Poppy and Nektarios at Rementzo. Can't be this close, and not take the opportunity to say 'Hi'
Janet is a teacher and Roger, a musician.
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