Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Sun 5 June - Above - Lillia is here for the Season working on behalf of Ross Holidays, but Saturday night she was living it up in Vathy on behlalf of herself.
Above - Nick Levi is another face behind a letter. He sent the site a beautiful photo of Perahori, a village that doesn't get much publicity, but has spectacular views and in which, he and his wife Judy have a house.
Above - Once local girl, Despina, now living and working in Pireaus, comes back to Ithaki several times a year.
Above - Donnalyn and Craig have been coming to Ithaki several times a year, renovating houses on the island. They are Interior Designers from London.
Above - Con, the quiet Fatouras. Con is here with his entire family, spending the Summer at their family home in Stavros.
Above - Dancer, Eder Cardoso has arrived on the island, rehearsing for his Performance in Vathy during August.
Mon 6 June - Below - L - R - 5 yr old, George, father David and mum Sue from Worchester, as far from the sea as one can get in the UK. This is their 5th time to Ithaki.
George is already snorkelling like a local.
Tue 7 June - Left - Yaniv is here from Tel Aviv with Australian girlfriend Fleur who works as assistant to George Florence at the Astor Theatre in Chapel St. Melbourne. George has his roots in Platrithia and Kioni and that's Fleurs Ithacan connection. Yaniv worked in a Greek Restaurant near Fleur, where the owners named him Yianni. Throw in a balcony scene, a few too many
Above L - R - Trevor, Melissa, Julie, Dean and Liz. Trevor and Julie Riley from Blyth Nottinghamshire, Uk, are here for the 4 th time and Dean and Melissa from Baildon Uk, for a massive 5th time. During the winter they kept themselves in touch with the island through the Winter on Ithaca pages. We caught up with them having a big Kioni night at Spavento Bar.
parking tickets, a forward invitation and the rest is history. Before coming to Ithaki, they spent time together in Israel and will be flipping a coin to see where they'll be heading next. Maybe we should keep them here. They're good fun and not bad to look at either.
Below - Brandon, a Summer regular on the island from South Africa, and Babbi discovering their innerselves over a few drinks on a boys night out.
Tue 7 June - Above - Judi Levi is almost a local. She and her husband Nick have a house in Perahori and another in Vathy town which they are currently fixing up.
  Above - If you are Australian or Greek/Australian then this face may be familiar to you. Irini Papas, well known Australian Actor, is on Ithaca for one of her rare visits to her family island. Her roots are in Kioni in the north, but we caught up with her in Vathy at Odyssea Cafe. One of her loved performances was in the ABC drama GP, in which she played an overbearing Greek mother. a role far removed from her real life easy going personality.
Above and right - John and Rosalie are here from Bambury in the UK. Their connection to Ithaki is via their son Simon who married Jessica Levi whose parents have a house in Perahori and are regulars of the island.
The tangle of an Ithacan family tree.
Right - Katerini has returned to Kioni again this year. She is an absent local, but never forgotten. She is cousin to Zaharate Vlassopoulou of Lahos, once a Kioni Paizi, also to Maria Katopodi and Katerini Moraitis, who is mother of Aleka who runs Pantopoleion supermarket in Kioni.
Wed 8 June - Left - John and Charndra have been coming to Ithaki, either alone or with their family, for 30 years. They have a family home in
the hills over Kioni Bay in which they have seen Kioni turn from the small fishing village of the 70's into a thriving hub (at least during the summer months). John and Chandra watched their daughter Dimitra marry here and John also had his 60th Birthday in Kioni. They are settling in for a few months, taking trips to Prague and Ireland and who knows where else, before they head back to Perth, Australia.
Right - Brian is here from Northern Ireland, County Armagh. He's been caretaking Rhoda House for John and Chandra. This is the 2nd time he has sailed into Kioni but the
first time he has stayed on dry land.
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