Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Thu 9 June - L - R - Captain Dionisis, Mihalis, Georgia, Maria and Luciana. Captain Dionisis and wife Georgia from Kioni, welcome their friends from Argentina to Ithaki with a big dinner in Frikes. The last time Maria was on Ithaki she was only 4 years old. Alot has changed in 50 years, but with the company of her good friends, Dionisis and Georgia, for whom Maria was best woman at their wedding in Buenos Ares, she and her family will have a great time.
Above - Mel and Paul have been coming to Ithaki twice a year for 7 years. They loved it the very first time they came and found that sailing would be an affordable way to keep on coming, so they invested in a share boat, called Kanopus, and the rest is history. They come to Ithaki from North Wales where they work in stressful industires. Mel is a nurse and Paul works in advertising. Sailing and coming to ithaca relieves the stress for both of them as you can tell by this very relaxed pose. When back in the UK, they keep up with what's going on here through the site.
Above - Carol and Rick sailed into Frikes with Sailing Holidays on Amilia and although this is a dream come true for Rick, Carol is not too happy about her sailing experience. It's something she promises never to undertake again. Carol wants to spend a little quality time on her holiday, not rushing from port to port for a quick shower and dinner. I'm with her. They are here from Manchester, UK
Sun 12 June - Above - James, Paul and Clive enjoy a good chat over dinner in Frikes. James and Clive are back on Ithaki for 15 days for their getaway as father and son. These two are well known and loved arrivals in Frikes.
Mon 13 June - Below - Lia and Sam are here for a real quick visit. 3 days and it's back to Pyrgos in the Peleponese where Sams' family originate. They'll be back in July with all the family and their new grandaughter, Alexandria.
Mon 13 June - Below - L-R. Peter and Dax are here from Rosenheim, Germany with their friends Theresa and Eberhard, who are here from Bad-Aibling, Germany, but also have a house in Ag. Sarantas where they spend a few weeks each year.
Wed 15 June - Left - L - R - Some familiar faces in Vathy. Laki from NY, his brother Denis from Patras and brother in-law Costa from Sydney, enjoying the 'chill out' factor of holiday mode. Laki has sold up in the USA to move to Australia with his son and Australian/Greek wife Tina, but before it's down to moving, it's a good time to take a long holiday on Ithaki where they have their Greek roots and family, and where work commitments up until now, prevented them from staying more than a few weeks each Summer. Denis lives in Patras some of the year, but comes to Ithaca where he runs a restaurant behind the town Square of Vathy, and Costa, who married Tinas sister, Adriana, moved to Sydney 6 years ago, coming back to Ithaki each year on his annual leave, each time sounding a little more Aussie than Greek and each time bringing the hope of live music with him. "The boys are back in town"
Thur 16 June - Above - Jonathan is a Brit who took early retirement and decided to sail through his life on his boat, Blue Chip, from here on in. Him, his girlfriend and his cats. Unfortunately his girlfriend left him on this trip, so he's looking out for someone new to join him on his adventures. Careful of the cats though. You know how territorial they get. Better be nice.
Above - Tina has lived in Sydney, Athens and NY and holidays on Ithaca during the Summers, Who remembers the Kioni Club? Tina was disco queen. Oh, those were the days. "I'm your Venus..." Actually, she's Lakis' Venus now. Laki, you lucky boy.
Above - Adriana, disco Queen No. 2, not in ranking, but also. She and Costa (one of the boys above) are expecting their second child in a few months, but even so, there's no way she would miss her Summer on Ithaca. If I could look this good being pregnant I'd aim for annual impregnation.
Welcome and familiar faces return to the island
A night at the Texas Oprie
Left - Ursula and Paul are here for a short week after many adventures in the US where their work took them cross country to rodeos and Opries. News is they burnt up the dance floors wherever they tapped their heels. For Ursula it was a dream come true. They return to the island again soon. Afterall, they have a house in Pilakata which has been waiting for them while they spread their wings across America. Maybe we can convince them to write down their dream days in the wild west for an entry in Poetry and Writing Section of the site. They have some great stories to tell.
Fri 17 June - Far right - Just in the Nick of time. Nick sails back into Frikes with his Flotilla as he's done over the past few years. He's become such a Summer regular, he clears his own table at Rementzo Restaurant.
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