Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Fri 17 June - Below - Fleur from Australia, has taken such a liking to Ithaca, especially Kioni, she doesn't want to least not yet. Now it's just a matter of talking her boyfriend into letting the UK wait..
Vicky (below) is an English lass with a wicked sense of humour. She's working her way through Summer with various jobs, but at night the hours are hers and there's no prying her away from a good chat..
Fri 17 June - Jacki and John are on the island for 2 weeks, staying in Vathy. They've had a great time so far, although they were a little disappointed that there were no organized tours around the island. Jacki Davitt sent hOME ithaca greeces' Poetry and Writings section a poem for publishing and of course we aim to please. It's nice to see another face behind the correspondence I receive. Jacki and John head back to the UK on Sunday.
Below - Christina is a regular visitor to ithaki from Athens. She was born in South Africa, but lives in Greece full time now. She's Godmother to her friend, Loulas' daughter, Christina, who both live in Vathy.
Below - Peggy has been coming to Ithaki from Lancashire, UK for 12 years. Her daughter Judi Levi has a house in Perahori, so it's no wonder she can't stay away. The views are so spectacular from there.
Sun 19 June - Early Saturday, hordes came off the Ferry for the long weekend. Mondays' Bank holiday gets everyone out of the city and back home to their families for a 'pre Summer Break' holiday. With mobile phone communication, the news was around the island at 9.05pm that the ferry would be late. It left Patras at 9pm, instead of 8pm, but with the mild seas and warm night, the Kefalonia ferry stepped on the gas and made good time by arriving into Vathy at 1am. Ithaca will be throbbing over the next 3 days.
Above Right - Steve and Nick ferried in from Lefkada this morning to update the Rough Guides book on the they chat to the locals and Niko (Elvis) Douglas starts talking about the hOME ithaca greece website, up comes my name and boom!!! blows my mind. Nick (right) had lived quite some time in Greece before he married a girl from Pittsburg USA and moved there, but during his time in Athens he heard of the last band I was in, Hard Candy, through then Athens DJ Christos Daskolopoulos, liked the music and bought the cds. He starts singing Body my Body (From Speed Crash Burn cd), Poppy from Rementzo joins in and then it's on the phone to tell me to come down to Frikes to meet these two. Got to say, after the shock, that I felt quite honoured when I learned that their taste in music was influenced by bands such as Joy Division, Radio Birdman, The Clash, Died Pretty among many other NON mainstream bands. Looks like all the publicity I sweated over night after day after late night, as an Alternative rock chicky babe thing and manager, worked after all. An Indie cd from Melbourne to Athens to the UK to Ithaki without me leaving my smoke filled room.
Nick Edwards is Rough Guides Author for the Ionian Islands, India and now also the US. Look out for the updated version of the Ionian Islands from Rough Guides.
The long weekend brings familiar faces to the island
Below - L - R - Teressa from S. Africa, Jessica, Ithaki local currently working in Athens, and Yiannis from Patras. Old friends meeting again over the Ag. Pnevmatos (Holy Spirit) Weekend. Tanning up for Summer.
Below - Clive and James are joined by Grandson and Nephew, Matt, who's on Ithaki for the second time, but has been to Greece generally, many, many times. Matts here for a short week from the UK catching up with his wandering family.
Left - John and Dina Labrakos are on their honeymoon. Yes, newly weds looking newly wed. Dina is niece to Yiorgos Simiris' from Ithaca Embroideries in Vathy. John and Dina are here all the way from Toronto in Canada. They have 3 weeks to look around Greece, including Mykonos, and soon they are off to Sparta, where John has his family roots.
Love is in the air
"Ok. I'm holding my breath"
Sunday 19 June - Right - Castiani and Stephen are here from Athens where they both study. Stephen worked at Rementzo in Frikes last Summer and has been with Castiani ever since. This year Stephen and his family are here for the wedding of his sister Natasha who currentlylives in the US, which will be held in July. Church Service at Anoghi and the Reception at Polis Beach.
Above - Zoe from Athens. Organizing her daughters wedding for July.
Above - George Fatouras is here from Sydney Australia. Going Wild?
Above - Jim and Evie are also here from Sydney. They are regular visitors to Ithaca with family roots in Ag. Sarantas.
It's time for the Ex Pats
Left - Costas is here from Athens as Wedding Singer for the sobola and Blikas wedding celebrated yesterday in Stavros and Platrithias.
Mon 20 June - Right - R - L Lazaros, Soula and Tasia. Locals, Lazaros and Tasia Vasilopoulos from St. Elias Villa, Stavros, welcome former sister in-law and good friend Soula to the island with a drink in Frikes. Soula is here from Melbourne and her visit manages to lure the babysitter, Tasia, away from the Creche for a little break from her grandaughters Anastasia and Ariadne. Soula has been to Ithaca many times.
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