Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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It's July. Fasten your seatbelts
July 1 - Above - Andrea and Heath are here from the UK. They get to Frikes Panighiri early to enjoy a meal at Symposium Restaurant.
Above - L - R - Johannes, Gundi and Wolfgang are no strangers to Ithaca. Gundis parents, Gerta and Gerhart have a beautiful house in Kolieri.
Above L - R - Billy Vasilopoulos from Stavros, entertains his work colleague from Athens, Yianni at Gefyri Restaurant. Yiannis works for Dulux paints.
"Don't give up..."
sat 3 july - Above L - R - Ramona, Martin and Candela are here from Argentina. They are staying in Vathy, but I met them in Platrithia at Gefyri. A chance meeting acquaints me with Martin, who had written an email to the site a while ago. Martin has a passion for Greece, its' language and philosophy, thus seeking out Ihaca for his familys' travels.
Mon 4 July - Above L - R - Jane and Julienne are back again this year. Jane is here from France and Julienne from the UK. Good friends getting together on a holiday on Ithaki.
Above - L - R - Brothers, Pano and Constantino. These two are locals, but Pano doesn't see that much of Ithaki since he's been studying Electronics at College in Lamia on the mainland.
Left - Nikoula and //////Fatouras are here with their entire family, almost, and staying for all the Summer. They are parents to George and Con, the wild Greek/Aussie boys partying hard on the island. Nikoula is the daughter of Toula Sobola, sister to Thanis and Aunt to Aphrodite, who recently married.
ex - pats
Right - Sophia comes to Ithaca each year from Melbourne. Her roots are in Kioni where she spends 5 months of the year. This year Sophia keeps company with her cousin, Irini Pappas, Australian Acrtor, who is also staying in Kioni.
Tue 5 July - Above - Mike lives in Fiscardo and the UK, but will be spending more and more time on Ithaki since buying a cuple of cottages on the island.
Above - Brian is here from South Africa following the paper trail of Greek beauracracy while organizing permits etc for the property he recently acquired in Stavros. Settle in Brian. This could take awhile.
Above - Nikola has been working in Vathy over the past few Summers as chef and hostess in one of the Vathy Accommodations. Every chance this pretty Irish girl gets, she goes north to spend time with the friends she has made on the Island.
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