Another 'from ithaca to' trip February 15 - 23 2006

Athens Here we go

Day and Night


Flea Market

Ancient Library

Changing of the Guard

Hard Candy Gig

Finding a way home


The night before we plan to head to Athens, the word in the street is that some time during the next day, Wednesday, the ferries would go on strike nationally, at least until Friday, but maybe even Saturday, although most thought that would be unlikely. Athens trip was completely for the purpose of doing a 'Live' show with Hard Candy. First Greek gig ever, first live show in 9 years. Could it really be that we could have more bad luck/timing? We'd already had the Power cut for a week while trying to rehearse the drummer and bass player, a burnt hand by the guitarist, car problems, long distance rehearsing and the flu.

So it's on the early ferry for Patra.  It's dark, it's cold and the usual sleeping corner of the ferry is taken up by others, but the sea is calm and negative thoughts disappear into the golden glow of the sunrise as The Kefalonia ferry heads towards Sami. Thoughts of the impending ferry strike also fade as sleep takes over the weary and heavy headed, not used to getting up at 5.30 am. By the time the ferry reaches Patra, the midday sun is shining bright and warming up the highway to Athens.  It seems this road has been under construction for over a decade.  I guess they're not kidding when they say 'slowly slowly' Greeces' favourite saying. Little traffic and a great blue sky day, made the 2 1/2 hour drive from Patra to Athens a nice change from Kioni - Vathy.

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Athens Here we go   Day and Night   Lekavittos   Flea Market   Ancient Library   Changing of the Guard   Hard Candy Gig   Finding a way home


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