With a couple of years of rehearsal behind them, The Chapries have become a noticeable notch tighter as a band. Tonight was the best they'd played, even though a guitar amp blew up before the gig, band members had their 'bad luck' days early and things didn't quite go to plan throughout the day.

Dimo, one of Ithakis' Council workers and drummer for the Chapries, hits the skins with power and passion.  He really kicks.  There is talent hidden behind the most unlikely guises.  From the moment he counts the song in with his sticks, the impending rhythm is imminent. He has become the backbone of this local 3-piece.

Mylos Creperie filled to the rafters with eager and enthusiastic patrons.  The girls behind the bar kept the smiles coming, while the boys on the floor ripped through the Rolling Stones to the Cure.

Pedal down, it's time for the guitar solo

Mylos Creperie was so packed, reinforcements were called in to give a hand behind the bar.

Local Vaggo and Chapries mascot, got up to sing his rendition of 'Satisfaction', the crowd went wild.  They stamped their feet, they cheered and screamed, the Chapries boys downed a few svinakia and were called back for 3 encores, after just a little  encouragement from  Mr. Karantzis and, then, it was all over.  All that remained was a ringing in the ears and a sore toe or two from being trampled in the exodus. Chicken man got his rooster, the cap man got his nuts and the band enjoyed the congratulations of a gig well played. Rumour is that the boys will join in a Hard Candy gig in Athens in February at the Underground Club.

The Chapries, Ithakis' rock cover band, play at Mylos Creperie in Vathy, Ithaca - Thursday 29th December2005

The word was out, loud music from the Chapries  was going to rock the island.  The boys turned up their amps and pounded Vathy into submission with their raw (but rehearsed) bag of tunes from the 60s' 70s' amd 80s'. Nikos Karantzis, leader of the band and owner of Mylos Creperie, served his customers before he hit the stage to put on his musicians hat.  He asked people to drink more and eat less, so he could finish the set without having to take breaks to serve food.  Hmm. Bet that doesn't happen at your Local.





crashcrashcrash dddddddddddrrrrrrrrboofdoof...

Candy man

Tattoo man

Rockin' Christmas

And the pretty girls go doo doo doo doo doo

Mr. Delaportas on bass

Vaggo gets the Satisfaction he's been waiting for all night