...It's Carnival Time on Ithaca

Let's Party

Mylos Creperie Vathy Ithaca - Thursday 2nd March 2006

Get down and shake your booty babies.  It's Carnival Time on Ithaca. Wow!

Nikos Karantzis / Tsoulos / Mr. Chappries / Mylos Creperie proprietor / dancing queen and 'looking good in his girl friends' black flairs',  throws a pre - Carnival Party at Mylos Creperie,in Vathy to get everyone in the mood for Sundays Big Carnival Day in Vathy. His pc playlist churned out 70s' hits that had the crowd singing along to Boney M and other memorable artists' No. 1 hits on the disco floor of that decade, none of which I can remember the names to (I may have been taking a walk on the Wild Side) Every one had fun, too much to drink and let their innerselves loose on an otherwise quiet Vathy night.

"Who's a pretty girl then??"  Oops, sorry.  "Who would be a pretty girl then?"

Give a guy the opportunity to dress up, and he puts on a wig and picks himself out a nice frock. No bricklayers or firemen here.  They're probably off having fun at the YMCA.

Introducing...All the way from the USA...here for one special performance...Everybody get down and get up to put your hands together for...The Shirt. It's amazing what prominent Ithacans keep in their basements.  Rattle and Roll.

Mama Mia.  Here they go again.

My my, how can they resist ya.  Mama Mia, does it show again. My my just how much they missed ya.  Yeah of course. Welcome back ABBA. Every queen has a princess, but no King. Aah..

The 'Real Men' ward off the evil forces of Carnival Fever, wear black, smoke cigars and belch. Delas and Vlass play it cool in the corner. No dresses for these guys.  The only thing they'll hang over their shoulders is a guitar strap.

"I want some hot stuff baby this evening.."

Thanks to everyone for letting me have some fun with them.  It was a great party!!! Roll on Carnival.

"Give me, Give me, Give me a man after midnight…"

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Three wise men

Three blind mice

Three Stooges

One for all and all for one, two, three

I love that bag. Where did you get it?