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A cloudy start to the day and then brilliant sunshine had the island even more enthusiastic about Easter Sunday. It's a time for families and catching up on news, drinking and eating, laughing and enjoying the good company of friends and neighbours as locals go from house to house visiting eachother. It can also be a lonely time for some Ithacans with no other company than that of their pets, but thanks to the good will of most Ithacans, few are left to themselves.  There's always someone looking out for a person in need, the frail and the lonely.

Easter Sunday

Sunday 23rd April 2006



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Above - Maria and Maki from Margarita Café in Stavros, box sweets for Easter Desserts.

Right - Babbi from Porto Frikes Ouzerie in Frikes, mans the Grill for family and visitors to enjoy the meaty festivities of Easter Sunday.

Lamb on the Spit

Below - Tsoureki Traditional Easter Bread

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It's not uncommon for visitors to the island to be invited to lunch by a local.  There's always someone ready to take in a stray to show them just how friendly Ithacans can be, not just through Easter, but any time of the year.  Easter Sunday morning, it seemed there was no one on the island, all getting ready for the momentous Easter lunch, but by 3pm, the streets came alive again, as the community heads to the cafes and bars to continue celebrations.