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Epiphany in Frikes
Friday 6th January 2006
Black skies and storm fronts hovered over the Ionian while the boys of Ithaki vied for the blessing of the Priest by diving for the Cross in the chilly waters of Ithaca. Epiphany, the annual religious tradition of Greece temps the young away from their televisions to brave the chilly seas, blessed on this day.
The quiet winter streets of Frikes have life breathed into the potholes as the community takes part in Epiphany.
Kioni Priest, Papas Babbis, first performs the church service in his village of Kioni, blesses the waters there, before heading to Frikes to do the same in that small fishing village, Many of the northern villagers descend on the village to wittness the blessing of the waters. In Frikes, Makis was the only brave one to dive for the Cross and received great congratulations for his effort.
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