In Vathy there were parties at Karamela Café Muppet Club, Mylos Creperie and Century Club, which re-opened its' doors just for this particular occasion.  Lots of music, dancing and good times for all. Stavros partied down at Margarita Café Bar, and in Frikes there was Bemenis and Rementzo Restaurant to shake the year over. This year it seemed more people left the island to party elsewhere, and there was a noticeable difference in the population count for this time of year, but still, the remaining locals did what they do every year, and that's to make the last night of the year, one to remember. Spavento Bar in Kioni had around 5 people at midnight, and it seemed that this town was just a little too sleepy for any sort of impression on 2006, but then, first impressions can be deceiving.

The night could have started and ended like this. Thank god for a party!

Candlelit dinner at Rementzo for the masses.


The New Year celebration is the big one for Greece, and Ithaca had a lot of places to choose from to party 2005 into 2006.

At 11.50 pm Sunday 31st December 2005, it seemed as if any hope of a big New Years Eve  was out of the question.  The barman, a couple of girls, their boyfriends and the village people, 3 of them, were the partying core, but looked a little too limp to party. It was crunch time.  Vathy in the pouring rain or make a party out of a wake.  Luckily the 2 Taurean girls liked a challenge and took their 'Bull in a China shop' skills to the dance floor.  They danced to their own drum, a rhythm from Venus, but more probably from Uranus, and before the clock struck 1, Spavento was partying down with the best of them, and made a limp start into a cracker celebration with belly laughs, bonding and getting intimate with the village people, the Indian, the Biker and The Construction worker. Get down!... Got to go, Madonna meets Abba.

At 4.30 am, a change of venue was required, so it was back to Rementzo Restaurant to wish Poppy and Nektarios a Happy New Year.  By the way their restaurant looked, they had a pretty good old Year too. Not only did they celebrate the incoming 2006 with a gyrating and excited crowd, dancing and singing to Makis Andriantos, Accordionist, and his cohort on the bouzouki, but they also celebrated  their last night  until the end of February. After a few jokes and Makis impersonation of the Pope, the mess was left for another day, lights off, doors locked and home for dawn.

New Years celebrations are far from over.  In Greece, on New Years' Day there's a big lunch, presents and this year, the Name Day of Vasso, Vasilis and Viki.  So many reasons to celebrate in Greece. It was a great, fun-filled New Years Eve, one that really knocked the old year on the head.  Now, anyone have a good hangover cure?

Hronia Polla

Kali Hronia

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2006

Ithaca Greece Ithaca Greece New Year Party 2006 Ithaca Greece New

Ithaca brings in the New Year with parties all over the island. We go from Frikes to Kioni and catch up with the locals

"Rain drops keep falling on my head…" actually it's just the condensation from the wood burner, but no problem. Diamantina has an idea, and she doesn't even have to leave her seat

"Everybody's looking for something…"

Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes

A little dinner music to begin with

In Kioni three wise men went to the pier and lit a few flares as an attempt at fireworks.

When there's a whiff of a party, the dogs come out

"I like you, but as a friend…" Ok, Ok! they were only wishing each other a Happy New Year.


Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

The usual suspects

Yiorgo, barman and owner of Spavento Bar, pulled his prize alcoholic beverage out of the darkest corner of the bar and threatened his patrons with cobra svinakia. A little more potent than the tequila worm, too potent for the village people and other locals, so after a pass around the bar, and an ooh and an aah, the cobra went back into its' corner until the next party.

Happy New Year

Oh no! Not that bloody camera again.  Just can't escape this internet person.

"Another Vodka, another Gin"

"Come on boys, dance with me"

Anastasio works for the Council, sweeping the streets. Looks like he takes his work home with him.

Spavento Bar

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