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Niko Karantzis, Mr. Chapries himself, celebrates his Name Day - Tuesday 6th December.  
Niko Karantzis
All over the island there were Name Day celebrations for Nikos. We were invited to share this celebration with you. Nikos Karantzis is a musician, formerly of 'Oh My Garden' and recently 'The Chapries', he is also the part owner of Mylos Creperie in Vathy which takes up most of his time most of the year. On his Name however, the business is closed and he celebrates with his friends and family at home.
Viki, left, Nikos dedicated partner, and seen here with her mother Eleni from Patra, served up delicious snacks and cakes that had everyone oohing and aahing with pleasure and delight. Right is Vikis father Yiorgo, also enjoying the football on the tele. As is usual for Name Days, friends visit all through the day and go house to house congratulating the owners of the Name. Name Days are Saints Days, thus the significance of these celebrations. Nikos shares his day with Saint Nikoalo, or as he is also known, St. Nicholas.
Aghios Nikolao - Saint Nicholas Day
The Name Day in almost every sense, is celebrated like a Birthday, except that the person celebrating the Name Day usually pays for the drinks.
The boys waste no time in sharing the goodies. 1 plate for you. 1 plate for me.

Thank you to Niko and Viki for inviting us to share Ag. Nikolao Day with them.

Hronia Polla

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