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A Night in front of the tv on Ithaca
Tuesday 29th November 2005
the stars
on star
Eli on the tele
the windows
the promos
a surprise for ms vissi
ert1 goes indian
disney and politics
where's the remote
too much makeup
commercial break commercial break commercial break
Big brother
a bird in the hand...or is that a hand in the bird
michelle my belle
debate gone to hell
big brother spawns big mother
wish there was a dvd player in the house  
What a way to spend a night, endlessly switching from station to station, until hours later, it finally hits home that there's nothing decent on the tele again tonight. With the recent discovery by Greeks that plastic surgery is not just for the Americans, it did pass the time to spot the facelift and breast enhancement, but once you've seen one DD, you've pretty much seen them all. Aaaaaah (that's a yawn) Greek tv is renowned for facilitating the watching of 2 or three programs at the same time without missing a beat in any of them, with the lengthy commercial breaks that seem to get longer each day. As is usual, the good films start at midnight, some good decent movies, but there's still no satisfaction, as these movies are interrupted half way through with a half hour news broadcast, followed by 15 minutes of ad breaks and then pretty girls in mini skirts doing the Weather. Let's not forget about Tele Marketing, oh my god! and advertising text continuously scrolling across the screen, so that the Tv stations get the absolute maximum out of their advertising space. If there is such a thing as Tv going wrong, I think I wouldn't be alone in saying that Greek Tv couldn't get any worse. No wonder every second house has a satellite dish. What's the bet that when there is something decent on Tv, Ithaki loses reception. Don't laugh, that really happens.
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