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When the rain stopped and the sky turned blue, it was time to get out of the car and take a walk around the far side of Vathy.


Monday 13th March 2006

The day started with rain as we headed towards Vathy.  Kefalonia across from Lefki was black as night, but by the time we reached Vathy town, the sky was blue and the sun, warm. It looked and felt like the perfect Spring day.

On the quiet side of Vathy bay, it was calm and peaceful except for Paliocaravo Restaurant (Gregorys Tavern), where major renovations were taking place. New dining area, new kitchen, new lavatories.  The complete face lift and a few tucks around the torso too.

Gregory and Pagona, believe that the new and imporved Paliocaravo will be ready in a month.  Just in time for  Easter.

The day was too good to head back to the villages after the usual Monday morning in Vathy buisness district, so we headed for Skinos. Playground for the rich and famous.

The paved road stops a little after Minimata and continues unmade right to Skinos Villa Gates and the path for Gidaki beach further on.

" Hey who took the ladder? Guess we'll just tie the phone line up here then."

Legally there  is no such thing on Ithaca as a private beach, but at Skinos, it's as close to one as you will get.

Steps leading into the sea via the paved beach area of Skinos. Luxury. It must be said that Skinos looks idealic.  Oh, how nice it would be to be treated to a weekend here.  Skinos Villa grounds lead directly to the beach where the stunning views even had me sighing with envy.

The black sky of Lefki, when we first began our trip to Vathy, had completely cleared to a vibrant blue. It was striking.  Blue  sky, blue sea wherever you looked, blindingly beautiful, inspiring, translucent, perfect Spring blue, but by mid afternoon, the clouds began to roll back in, and the forecast for more rain was on the horizon.

Lefki is covered in wild flowers.