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Inside the clouds on the top of Ithaca, where it seems the world ends, where the fog begins.
Thursday 24th November 2005
It's an eerie drive through the winding road, high on the south of Ithaca. A chilly damp penetrates through to the bone.
When talking about the community on top of Ithaca, in and around Anoghi and Kathara, it is not an exaggeration when it's said that, the mountain people there, live with their heads in the clouds. The contemptuous love affair between the sea and the sky, draws the heavens to the bosom of Ithaki and conceals that there is life beyond the mist. The crystal clear views down onto the bay of Vathy disappear from sight as the road climbs towards the Monastery. and a heavy silence begins to embrace the mountainside. Water collects in the cracks of the road under foot and trickles toward the edges into the rocks and down the cliff face.
The barren and rocky mountains behind the village of Anoghi are completely obscured under the dense cover of cloud, but as we pass through the village of and head towards Stavros, the empty canvas before us explodes with colour and clarity of view, and once again we feel secure and hopeful for the day...and thankful of course, that we don't live with our heads in the clouds all the time, only when it suits us.
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