10 Minutes at Kravoulia Beach near Frikes, North Ithaca

The aqua waters of Kravoulia 2 beach, near the northern port village of Frikes, holds back the tide, awaiting the Summer season, when it will once again be strewn with sun lovers and locals vying for a little cool relief in this calm and pictureesque bay.

Saturday 4th February 2006


Ithaca Beaches

The seas are calm and translucent.  The Kravoulia waters reflect like a mirror under a clouding sky.  The horizon in the distance, reveals a change of weather as the days' mist lifts and clears a path for the passing ferries on route to Italy or Patras. Not a soul around, not a sound to be heard, just the licking of the sea against the pebbly shore as the backwash of a passing ferry approaches Ithaca. The weather-chiselled cliff has an ever changing face as the grooves into the rock deepen and spread each passing year. 10 minutes, well spent.

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