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Nikos and Theofilos Karantzis

get Baptized

October 15th 2005

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Nikos takes control and participates in the photography of his own Baptism. He's a sensitive and very bright boy with blonde curly locks.  One has the feeling he'll be running the family business while still in Primary School. He takes after his mums side of the family in regards to looks, and is already showing signs of depth and thoughtfulness beyond his tender age.

Nikos first photograph -

Mana mou

Nikos made no secret of the fact that he preferred to be somewhere other than the church. He was overwhelmed and took no joy in this necessary occasion, which took him away from his books and toys and had him dunked in oil and water before a congregation of people he didn't know.  Of course he cried..

While most babies interpret the world around them by first passing it through their mouths, Nikos investigates through touch and experimentation. He already overflows with the potential of his future. An enquiring mind set to discover his life.

"Is it time for Uni yet?"