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The day started with sunshine and blue skies after a wild and furious night of storms, and there seemed no sign of the bad skies predicted for most of Greece today, but as the day progressed, the clouds began to form and the horizon began to darken. Who knows what the weather will bring, so it's off for a walk before the rain begins to fall.

Saturday 11th March 2006
A walk around the edges of Stavros

Villa Spilia takes on the proud position overlooking Polis Bay. Summer or winter these apartments have a view of the gods.

Signs of Spring everyhwere. Flowers blossoming on the roadsides and in gardens all over Ithaki.

Ithaki Spring

Polis Bay

Right--The sign says 'respect the roads and walkways' Don't litter in other words. The road into Stavros looks pretty tidy to me.  Not even a scruffy local walking the road.

Everything's quiet in the Stavros streets during siesta time.

Kimmi the Butcher closed for Siesta

100 year old stately homes, still standing tall in ruin

Aredatidos Street leads to the Stavros Museum, but what does 2700 BC mean??

What's new pussycat?

Dinas' Hairdressing Salon in Stavros, styles the northern Ithacans for their Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn 'do's' Many visitors know Dina as the hostess with the mostess from Spilia Villa, but to Stavros, she makes the difference between a good and a bad 'hair day'.



Close window to exit

The lush green fields of Ithaki

Summer visitors to Ithaca may find it hard to believe that Polis beach can be so green and lush.

Stavros Community Centre has been getting a well-deserved facelift over the past year. When completed, it will have been well worth the wait.  It's looking good. Heating, airconditiong, extended community area and new lavatories. There'll be some parties to be had here in the hopefully near future.