The Last Day of March - Oh and boy, what a day.
Saturday 31st March 2007
The weather forecast map showed rain from one end of Greece to the other, and thus, everyone awoke to the thought that today would be spent indoors, listening to the rain pitter pattering on the roof tiles, as it had all through the night, but Ithakis micro-climate had other plans. Rain overnight and bright blue skies and warm sunshine all through the day. That's having your cake and eating it too. The island needs rain, no one argues that, but with visitors coming to island this Easter, it also needs weather to be enjoyed. Ithaca got both. The heavy rain overnight, had washed the skyline clean, leaving crisp and pristine views no matter where you cast your eye. In the sun, it was too warm to keep on your coat. The last day of March put on a stunning Spring performance.

Sometimes you really have to pinch yourself. Yes, you really do live on a Greek Island. All the difficulties of every day life fade into insignificance when surrounded by this much beauty. Driving around the north island, where kids were playing along the baysides of the villages, fisherman were heading out to sea, business folk were getting their restaurants and bars into shape, and locals generally, out and about enjoying the sunshine, the day had a real air of Spring. The first true taste. Everyone had a smile on their face. The energy of Ithaki was palpable. The Big week of Easter starts on Monday, so ex-pats, locals working elsewhere in Greece and a good handful of visitors have started to come Ithaca.

Where do you want to be?

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