Marida Festival at Polis Bay, Ithaca Greece
Sunday 1st October 2006
Around 10.30am, people started making their way down to Polis Bay. Some by car, others by foot. The weather was perfect for the Marida Festival, the first day the fisherman go out of the bays to real in their catch. Again, the Stavros and Polis community went all out to make it a great day for all the family. Lots of fresh Marida fish, wine and salad for a voluntary donation, and more sunshine in one morning than in all of September. Attendance has grown alot over the past 3 years.

While visitors and the Ithaki community arrive and settle themselves along the bayside, the ancient chapel held the 'beginning of the Fishing Season' Ceremony, blessing the bread and the fisherman. Many in the community gathered around the small Chapel ruin, which has over the years, been partially restored, to participate in the traditional blessing.

After the Chapel ceremony, the Priest takes the blessing to the small boats docked at Polis Bay.

Last year the Marida Festival was washed out, but today, the sun shone bright and made the Festival a great opportunity for the community to get together.

Thank you to Stavros and Polis Communities for a great day.



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