Marida Festival
Monday 1st October 2007
It couldn't have been a more perfect day. The weather was fantastic and everyone who came along to the Sardine Festival was in the mood to enjoy themselves. With plenty of fresh Marida (small sardines) coming straight out of the Ionian and into the frying pan at the Polis Beach Cantina, it was no wonder the line to get to them was so long. Although the organizers may not have expected the massive turn out for the Festival, they coped well and had people coming back for seconds, despite the wait. Over the past few years, this northern Ithacan Festival has really grown. Each year, more and more people venture down to the small fishing bay of Polis to enjoy this annual event, meet old friends, make new friends and eat fresh Marida, salad and whatever else people choose to bring with them from their own kitchens.
The Service in the Church ruin behind the Cantina, started off the day with the Priest blessing the sea and the catch. People walked, drove and sailed into Polis Bay from all over the island to enjoy a very festive and wonderful day.
Polis Bay

It was long line to the Marida, but there were no complaints. Lots of happy faces, young, old and inbetween.

Attendances from Ithaca, of course, but also Mainland Greece, the UK, Sri Lanka, Asia, Germany, Cuba, France, Australia, South Africa, USA, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

The weather was so fine that swimming was definitely on the cards for many who attended Polis Bay Marida Festival.


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